Today in the city Azusa 18.11.2017
Trump Arrives in Asia With Focus on Trade and North Korea

President Trump said he expects to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as he arrived in Japan to start a 12-day, five-country tour through Asia.

Trump lands in Japan, kicking off first Asia trip

President Donald Trump touched down in Japan on Sunday, kicking off a grueling and consequential trip to Asia during which he'll exhort allies and rivals to step up efforts to counter the dangers pose...

Trump Lands in Japan, Kicking off First Asia Trip

President Donald Trump touched down in Japan Sunday, kicking off a grueling and consequential 12-day trip to Asia.

North Korea looms large as Donald Trump embarks on Asia trip

US president reiterates his threats to Pyongyang as he prepares to visit five nations in eleven days on regional tourDonald Trump’s five-nation trip to Asia which starts on Sunday will take him away f...

The Trumps visit Pearl Harbor ahead of Asia tour – video

US president Donald Trump and his wife Melania made a visit to Pearl Harbor before embarking on a trip to Asia that will take in five nations in 11 days. It will be the longest trip to Asia by an Amer...

'Aloha means goodbye.' Trump lands in Hawaii to cheers and protests ahead of Asia trip

President Trump on Friday kicked off a nearly two-week Asia trip with a stop in Hawaii, visiting military and historic sites amid protests and growing concern over security threats in the state and U....

Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement In Crosshairs As Trump Visits Asia

All eyes will be on President Trump's remarks about North Korea during his 12-day Asia visit. But Trump has another target in his sights, as well: The Korea U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Detroit automake...

Trump's Trip To Asia: Key Trade Partners And Allies Hope For Coherence

The Trump administration’s total shut-down of the State Department brain trust has hampered Coherent U.S. Trade Policy in Asia. Can good things come out of the U.S. president's trip to Asia?

McMaster says Trump will be Trump in Asia

Ahead of President Donald Trump's five-country, 12-day trip to Asia, his top national security adviser is making one thing clear: The President won't be moderating his language in the region.

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